Our Network

God's Kingdom is united. We are Christ-followers from different locations around the world.

The Blueprint isn't what you join. The Blueprint is what you live!

Meet our networked team

Lead Pastors

Keith & Bobbie Bagley
Co-Pastors & Executive Directors

Keith and Bobbie are missions-minded servants of the Lord, with experience in leadership, visioning, healthcare and education. As a modern-day Priscilla and Aquila, they realize missions is everywhere, and that Christ-followers must “go where the people are”. Both have followed this passion through foreign and domestic missions to Africa, the French West Indies, various campus efforts and other ministry settings. 

Both Keith and Bobbie are advocates of lifelong learning, and both are multi-vocational. Keith holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and a Doctor of Ministry degree (D.Min.) with a focus on Transformational Leadership. Bobbie is an adept public health leader in the Northeastern U.S.A.  and has earned degrees in Biology, Nursing, Public Health and Nursing Education. She is currently in the process of earning her Doctor of Public Health with a focus on Leadership.

The couple has two children, two dogs and enjoy movies, travel, and family games.

Board of Elders

Ministers John & Brenda Lee

John and Brenda are ministers of the gospel for The Blueprint Ministries’ New Jersey branch. The couple are parents to 3 daughters and committed advocates for biblical-centered justice.  Brenda is a gifted teacher, prayer warrior, and an outreach leader for the Kingdom. She earned her master’s degree in Business Administration, a post-master’s certification in Educational Leadership and is currently working on a certification in Teaching Holocaust & Prejudice Reduction. John is an avid photographer, and often chronicles The Blueprint’s initiatives through his pictures. 

Ministers James & Davella Ward

James and Davella are the proud parents of two children: Keith and Janiece, and rejoice that they can spend quality time with their one granddaughter, Janae. Davella earned her master's degree in Business Administration and has worked in the areas of technology and education. She is passionate about traveling and seeks to share the gospel wherever she goesJames is a faithful father and a veteran of the United States Air Force. After serving in the U.S. military, he gave his life to Jesus and began serving in the Army of the Lord. James works as an educator and uses his giftedness for connecting with, and counseling youths in his ministry and outreach.


Connections Coordinator
Sebrena Stallworth

Sebrena is The Blueprint's Connection Coordinator for in-reach and outreach. She helps our members and guests navigate the sometimes difficult process of building relationships. Sebrena lives by  faith, love, respect, patience, and kindness. Oh, and she loves to smile! She is a mother of 5 children and 3 grandchildren with a passion for helping people. In her spare time, Sebrena  enjoys decorating and creating new things and is awesome at making homemade soap and body scrubs!

The Blueprint Ministries is a non-denominational non-profit 501c3 organization affiliated with the American Baptist Churches of Vermont and New Hampshire