Group Fellowship

Online Fellowship & Study

We were created to experience life with others, learn with others, and grow with others. The "many members" is why the church is often referred to as The Body. Christ is Head, and we are the hands, feet, and other parts working together while growing in grace.

The Blueprint Ministries emerged as an online community in 2013 so we've been practicing building remote connections for a some time, all while lifting up Christ and equipping leaders for ministry.

We have members and guests from different parts of the USA and other countries. No matter where you live, or where you are in life, we're here for you. If you're ready to dive in, we're ready to "swim" with you.

Our fellowship is held on Wednesday evenings at 7:15pm Eastern USA time.

Click on the QR code below (or scan it with your smartphone) for the current online link to fellowship with us